What is Spotifree

Spotifree is an OS X app that automatically mutes ads on Spotify.

Who made it

My name is Artem Gordinsky, and Spotifree was made by me.

Why and how I made it

Spotify does not accept any payments from a country that I live in – Ukraine. So instead of paying for my music and getting rid of the ads, I had to find a way to physically silence them.

I searched around and found a clever small AppleScript script on the Macrumors forum. It worked, but wasn't good enough. I started building on it, and the Spotifree was born. I quite liked the result, and decided to share it on Github. Since then, the source code grew almost fivefold, Spotifree got better, and was downloaded more than 50,000 times.

At the end of year 2013, Eneas, one of our awesome users did Spotifree a huge favor and completely rewrote it as a native OS X application. This is when the app finally got its user interface and an update system. When Spotifree became a native application, its efficiency and reliability increased 10x to 100x (seriously).

Since it got so popular, I decided to make this website, to share it with even more people. Why? Because I love helping people.